Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dead Pets Society

A diary of the animals a vet tech puts down. My GOD this is sad. But it makes me happy that we adopted this furry little monster that's licking my feet as I type this.

Will Bunch has to point out again why endorsing both McCain and Obama is completely stupid. I honestly at this point have become concerned about this whole thing. As I head into the voting booth tomorrow, I honestly have to decide which party I want to vote for (registering as an Independent in CA allows me to do this) because while I want Obama to win, I really want McCain to lose. I honestly just can't even fathom our nation being bullheaded enough to vote for this guy after the 7.5 years of bullshit we've just been through. Seriously.

I had this image hanging over my bed for 8 years and had completely forgotten about it until just now.

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sarah said...

Oh, that image is absolutely terrifying AND also reminds me of my reoccurring dreams involving tornadoes. It's been 4 years of this crap and counting!