Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Poetry I wrote on April Fools Day, 1999

 I'm sort of all over the place and don't have all that much to say lately, but I figured I'd share something anyway. This is a sampling of writing I did in college, and it sorta depresses me that as corny as some of it is, it's better than I could come up with now. Anyway, I think the purpose of this assignment was to emulate Wallace Stevens, which I completely did not do. Anyway, here it is.

I promise I'm not going to just start posting crap from my college years, but I got sick of seeing that last post at the top of the page and I found this while searching for some writing samples for something. Hope everyone is well.

A schizophrenic views the outdoor gardens

Trees residing in a small park.
   Please do not disturb them
      or tap on the glass.
   Trees, after all
           need their rest.
No tire swings or birdhouses here,
   and the lack of squirrels
 is almost disquieting
Electrical outlet!
  poking out of the soil
     next to the azaleas
 like some deformed root.
  Which of these lucky shrubs is
moved to the inside gardens for
         the winter?  Which are
   grown back every year?
Across the street,
  a tree reaches into the sky
    like a ragged claw
  with laughing children in
     its clutches.

In the background,
  the cathedral leans towards
       the sun
looking for some water.

The English Oaks of
    my childhood don't
 seem as at home here,
    without my house to dwarf.

  The only sound,
  whirlwinds of dead leaves
     crackle by
    in jittery conversation.

  Nameplates with nothing
      to label
  act as gravestones
          for the weaker shrubbery.

    All these plants,
  yearning towards the
iron fence, looking out, and
    trying to breathe
         the free air.