Saturday, March 25, 2017

Picnic at Cirith Ungol

1 I Am Your Heart - Dennis Linde

Everything that's excessive and vulgar...
2 Right On Running Man - Stephen

I guess those are pretty important times
3 Poor Connection - Blackfoot

We're all in our forties...
4 The Soul Swingers - Ca'-Ba'-Dab'
5 The Woman That Got Away - J.J. Cale

I understand you have an unusual pencil, Jim
6 L'Automne - Francois Wertheimer
7 I Don't Wanna Be Rich - Guilty Razors

Carolyn and her mother
8 Better Off Dead - The Shivas
9 Everything's Alright - Dry Ice

You see, we human beings are not born with prejudice.
10 What Would You Do If I Did That To You - Nolan Porter
11 Ahinam (Take 2) - Axe

I'd like to begin by asking...
12 Beat Your Heart Out - The Zeros

We'll, I'm not exactly a hippie...
13 Walking In the City - The Barons
14 We've Been Pushed Around by Blue Rivers & The Maroons

Nothing like being Miss Popularity
15 I Feel Much Better by The Small Faces

I don't know what it is...
16 Somebody To Love by Kalyanji Anadji
17 Future Thoughts by Tam White

The only question is...
18 It's My Own Fault by John Lee Hooker
19 Black Olives by The Bad Boys

The best hopscotch player in the second grade
20 Back to Square One by The Outnumbered
21 Another Sunday by The Scientists
22 Boudou Nyida by Les Imbattables LĂ©opards

Let's not be suckers

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