Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hot Dog Social Hour, Vol. 8

Ugh, I know. I was doing so well, too.

Unfortunately, some career stuff has come up and as consumed nearly all of the free time that I have, which wasn't much to begin with. It looks like it might be that way for awhile. Still, I've gotten over a hump and have some time off of work, and so I might still get some stuff posted. I have a bunch of stuff simmering over.

Anyway, a mix. Once again, I have sat on a batch of songs for too long and am forced to rush things just to get it off my plate. This one is loud and for the most part fast. I can't promise much for the sound quality, since at least three of the songs are distorted enough in their natural form that there wasn't much I could do. I mixed 'em down where I could. It's hard to do this right without using the car as a playback option. If it sounds like garbage, I can fix it easily enough.

Anyways, yeah these songs are pretty good listening. There's a strong Memphis vibe, with some psych pop and scuffed up country and, because I'm a 36 year-old white guy, a Blackalicious song (whatever I think it fits, and I like the new album, for what that's worth). and some rock/roll. Oh, and Billy's dad from Gremlins. That's my little nod to the holidays.

1. “Memphis Soul Stew” - King Curtis
2. “Fatal Flaw” - Titus Andronicus
3. “Wolf Trap Hotel” - White Reaper
4. “Fan the Flames” - Sheer Mag
5. “There’s a Revolution” - Got a Girl
6. “Blacka” - Blackalicious
7. “Su Derenin Sulari” - Husnu Ozkartal Orkestrasi
8. “Bar Stool Mountain” - Moe Bandy
9. “California Women” - Hoyt Axton
10. “I’m So Glad, I’m So Proud” (45 edit) - Link Wray
11. “Medway Wheelers” - The Buff Medways
12. “I’ll Be Lonely” - John Holt
13. “Si Je Buvais Moins” - Douglas
14. “Moe Bandy Mounaineers” - Grandaddy
15. “A Different Me” - Dogs
16. “She’s All I Got” - Freddie North
17. “All Kindsa Girls” - Ex Hex
18. “I Hear the Wind Blow” - Hot Knives

tracks coming later

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The American was good-natured, generous, hospitable, and sociable, and he reversed the whole history of language to make the term “stranger” one of welcome.
- Henry Steele Comager

Something to think about as a majority of our governors have closed their states to Syrian refugees. People who have literally walked across a continent in some cases. People who have run from tyranny and bloodshed that we can only hope to never know. Tired, poor masses who are certainly yearning to breathe free. There is a decent percentage of this country telling them in no certain terms to fuck off. Or worse, "come back when you're the right religion."

Fear is understandable. In some cases it is an utter necessity. But to cave to fear, especially as a nation, a great nation, it is unacceptable. We must take the good with the bad, we must stand by our beliefs not only in an hour of perceived terror, but especially in the presence of actual terror. We must maintain our dignity and stand by our beliefs at all costs. If this means we get attacked, then so be it. But to be cowed into hiding by a bunch of savages is deplorable. To blame whole swathes of people for the actions of a few is not only wholly ignorant, it is self-defeating.

I would rather be known as one who died with an open hand than lived as one with a closed fist.

I've never been more proud of my home state for being one of the first to open their arms. Thank you for believing in the good, Pennsylvania.

...aaaand 2 weeks later I'm still running silent. A lot of this stems from some professional issues that I can't really get into at this time, but I can admit that I need to devote most of my free time to filling out applications and interviews. That isn't to say that I'm not constantly thinking of things I want to write about and more lame-ass history lessons to bore you with. I just have to be very efficient with my time, something I am historically not good at when it comes to personal projects, as one can infer just by looking at the posting dates of this very site. In any case, I have something brief today and a fridaysongs(tm)  that I've half-written for the end of the week. Mix is still being tinkered with and I have to do some digging for some segues hopefully this weekend. So there's that. 

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

I am alive and well, just slammed by a project I took on before thinking about how much time it would take, compounded by my busy season at work. I literally haven't seen daylight in 3 days and probably won't until tomorrow afternoon. Anyway, the project is wrapping up and so I should be able to get back to whatever the hell I was going to write about here. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, Fargo is the best show on television. If you're not watching it (or if you haven't seen last season), go fix that.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Coyote Piss and the Spiders Jerusalem

I’m in the process of wrapping up a mix (I’d already completed it, but for reasons I’ll hopefully +get into elsewhere, I need to swap out a few songs), but I feel like I’ve been lax about keeping up with this, so I just wanted to write something up real quick about what’s going on around here.

It would appear that the southern California summer has finally broken, with this past weekend being the first in recent memory without triple-digit temperatures. So that’s nice. We’re still in this shitty drought and there’s no rain on the horizon, but we had a pretty rainy weekend about a month ago, which is probably as good as it gets for the time being.

Still, I find it so difficult to go without rain for as long as we do here. It’s not just the drought, I love rainy days. To not have them for 9 months out of the year is a crushing blow for anyone whose favorite thing in the world is to curl up next to a fire with a book on a rainy day1.

To make matters worse, the rain we get is so sporadic that we don’t get that wonderful smell. Usually, the rain brings with it that incredible petrichor smell of earth combined with wet concrete that is easily one of the most pleasant smells on this earth of ours2. But unfortunately most of the plant life around our house is dying a slow arid death thanks to the combination of drought and my forgetting to water on Monday or Thursday evenings (the only time I'm legally allowed to water the yard). So instead of that wonderful smell, the rain just brings up whatever has been deposited in our dead soil over the past year. Which, in our unfortunate case, is lots and lots of coyote urine.


When we get rain after a dry spell now, it just smells like cat piss everywhere. Like, to the point where I can't open the windows to listen to the rain. that is straight up CRUEL. and this isn't to complain about the coyotes, as I actually enjoy them. I only really see them right before dawn as I'm leaving for work, but it's nice. They (along with the family of 7 raccoon that live in the storm drain across the street) are my morning buddies, the only other moving thing on my street at 4:45 AM. Incidentally, we had a three-legged coyote living in town for YEARS. I haven't seen that one in a few months, but I hope the scrappy little guy is still around. 

So yeah, my yard is bone dry and reeks of coyote piss whenever it rains. That's the worst of it, right? WRONG. Because right now it's a goddamn SPIDER FARM.

When we first moved here, I was repeatedly told about the tarantula migration that takes place in September. The way it was explained to me, every fall swathes of tarantulae migrate south from the nearby mountains, wreaking havoc on the town and its inhabitants. To be honest, I was kind of excited. I've never seen a tarantula in the wild and I know that their bites aren't really serious, so I was looking forward to the general weirdness of seeing herds of the little buggers. Sadly, that never happened due to population growth and the expansion of the 210 Freeway have pretty much stopped the migration in its tracks (bad pun very much intended)3

So of course I don't get to see any tarantulas. Instead, I have been exposed to black (and to a lesser extent brown) widows CONSTANTLY. It used to be sort of novel. In our first place out here, we had a solitary female black widow who hung out on our back step and chilled out, catching some lunch here and there. We named her Faith Evans the spider. It was cute, or so I thought at the time.

Since then, though, it's become something of a problem. Last week, while I was watering the last 4 tomatoes of the season, I happened across (i.e. did not search out) no fewer than 20 different black and brown widow spiders in our yard. Which means the actual number is probably something like 9004. They're all over the place. To the point that I'm wearing shoes when I water at night5 and I'm already wondering how many of them have made their way into our home. Whenever we move out of this place, I'm going to be in a full hazmat suit.

and it's not like I'm that afraid of their bite. I know it's still relatively mild except for toddlers, one of which we happen to have running around the house. So yeah, I'm essentially copping to the fact that I'm about to kill off a whole bunch of spiders6.  I'm okay with it. Finding a bunch of dead spiders in boxes is a far less terrifying idea to me than finding a bunch of live ones...

Anyways, a mix is coming eventually, as well as a less-insane comics post and maybe an explanation of why I like Toots & the Maytals so much. It's a big world, people.

1. Of course, having a small child is also a pretty crushing blow to that particular pastime

2. Weirdly, I can't imagine this smell without thinking of this Operation Ivy song.

3. As someone who spends a good deal of time around naturalists, I've heard many a complaint about the effect that this particular freeway has had on area wildlife. The freeway, which runs parallel to the San Gabriel mountain range, effectively cuts right through the migration areas for several wildlife species, including the bobcat and the much loved San Bernardino Kangaroo Rat.\...

4. by my count, 5 males and 15 females

5. this might not seem like such a big deal, but I place great value on barefootedness.

6. Side note: does killing a lot of bugs as a kid qualify as an early warning sign of becoming a serial killer? Because I killed a lot of bugs as a kid.