Friday, February 17, 2017

   I actually forgot I took this. I work at a college in the heart of Southern California's conservative stronghold. So I was impressed when my library requested (and received) permission to hang two Black Lives Matter banners on the front of the building, facing the central piazza of the campus. I was slightly discouraged, then, when I arrived for work the next morning to see someone had gone to great effort to hang an All Lives Matter banner over the pan-African one that had been hung the day before. We were unable to do much but call facilities and have them remove it. But before they could, a young black student sat directly beneath the banners with a homemade sign that read "But will you say it to my face?"

   It didn't take long for the student who'd snuck the banner up the previous night appeared. To his credit, he identified himself and claimed responsibility for what he'd done. He wanted to have a discussion about the movements behind both banners. And that's exactly what they did. They sat well into the afternoon, by which point a crowd increasingly hostile to the young man had gathered. While the dialogue was contentious, it was relatively mild mannered until a member of the crowd picked up a trash can and went to throw it at the guy who'd hung the sign. Seeing it about to happen, the young woman then put herself in front of him to prevent the attack from happening. The debate continued a little while longer. I can't say if anything was resolved or whatever, but it ended without incident. It really meant a lot to me to witness this. It's so easy to experience all of this through online vitriol and massive rallies that we forget that 

   With what's going on right now, it's so, so easy to paint people we don't know with a wide brush. It's easy to make assumptions. It's easy to forget that not everyone who disagrees with you is evil or racist or bent on world destruction. Sometimes they are just looking for answers. We cannot conflate every single person we disagree with the leaders of the movements we disagree with. I am repulsed by plenty of things on the left side of things, just as I am with the right. I will push back on everything the current political climate is churning out, but I refuse to scream at people in the streets because of who they voted for. I will continue to stand for what I believe in, but I will not act like a child in order to do so. I refuse to shout over a shouter. I am grown and I will use my voice as I see fit. I will be heard. I will let my passion drive me, but not control me. I will fight ideologies with information, and I will fight ignorance with education. I will fight hate with love. We are all human. the second we discount that, there isn't anything left to fight over.

Don't be passive. Don't grow complacent. But above all, act like a fucking human being please.

Friday, March 04, 2016

Hot Dog Social Hour Vol. 9: The finale

Here's the final volume of Hot Dog Social Hour. It's not like much will change after this, I still listen to music and try to make mixes every once in awhile, but the whole format I started using for this series isn't really necessary anymore and I also like to come up with new names/art for each mix. I can't really tell them apart anymore when it's volumes 1 - 9 with the same picture (although I love that I identified where in Savannah that was taken the first time I saw it).

Also, my computer is slowly crapping out and I might have to take a hiatus if I can't repair it on my own.

This final version is extra long, and that's mostly because I have a massive folder full of songs I just never got around to putting on other mixes for whatever reason. That doesn't mean they aren't any good, it's just that sometimes I want to hear a song a few dozen more times to make sure I don't get sick of it. Sometimes there is a weird message in the lyrics that I don't want anyone to think is me being cryptic via mix (I am not). Sometimes the mix is already too damn long.

So this one is a hair over 2 hours long. You might really like some of it. You are certain to loathe some of it. 

Hot Dog Social Hour, Vol. 9

“there’s a sea of people”
1. “In My Soul” - Jesse Hector & the Gatecrashers
“You can expect anyway for the whole place to just fall into the earth”
2. “Blind Alley” - Fanny
3. “Tension (part 1) - Lonnie Mack
“Superchick (pt. 1)”
4. “Happiness girl” - Jelly Bean Bandits
“Superchick (pt. 2)”
5. “Asleep at the Wheel” - The Incredible Kidda Band
6. “Lost Control” - The Reds
“I want a cheeseburger”
7. “Soul Crazy” - The Movers
8. “My Baby Likes to Boogaloo” - Don Gardner
9. “Never Never Coming Home” - The Shivas
“Something big’s gonna happen tonight”
10. “Pellucidar” - Milk Lines
11. “Bat Wing” - Peach Kelli Pop
“I like those chicks you hang around with”
12. “He’s Making a Tape” - Sipho Mbesa
13. “Miggy” - The Sandwitches
14. “Lonely Room” - Lou Pride
“Watch your mouth when you’re talking about the fabric of our lives”
15. “Bam Bam” - The Maytals
16. “People Get Ready” - Slim Smith & the Uniques
“People are told that someone’s gonna get smashed…”
17. “Waiting for Blood” - Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats
“Have you checked on my police protection yet?”
18. “Love Goes Underground” - Pezband
19. “Listen” - Hilton Valentine
20. “Give” - Harari
“I was thinking about the City Hall”
21. “Rainin’ In My Heart” - Mary Gresham
“Wrong wall”
22. “Emperor of My Baby’s Heart” - Kurt Harris
“what happened here?”
23. “La Charra (part 2)” - Jack Oblivian & the Sheiks
24. “Som Imaginario De Jimmi Hendrix” - Pops
25. “Good Times” - Love
26. “Burn” - Dennis LaPage & the Persuaders
27. “Dance of Death” (fireball remix) - John Fahey
28. “Dans Les 10 Premiers” - Jocy
“Don’t exaggerate, boy”
29. “Chicken Voodoo Blues” - The Creeping Ivies
30. “I Know” Thee Tsunamis
31. “Call a Spade a Spade” - Thony Shorby Nyenwi
32. “You’ve Got a Friend” - Pou Vannary
33. “Pata Pata Rocksteady” - Basie Basie Band & Patsy Tod
“Tommy Lasorda, tell us about…”
34. “A Long Night Ahead of You” - RJD2
35. “Planet Sizes” - Steve Mason
36. “Tip” - Loy Clingman
37. “Losing You” - Ellen McIlwaine
38. “I Didn’t Know” - Sugluk
39. “Too Many Dociled Minds” - Doug Sahm & the Sir Douglas Quartet
“Important people in this country, celebrities like myself”
40. “Lost Highway” - Bob Dylan
“It’s not finished”

listen to it above or download it here.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hot Dog Social Hour, Vol. 8

Ugh, I know. I was doing so well, too.

Unfortunately, some career stuff has come up and as consumed nearly all of the free time that I have, which wasn't much to begin with. It looks like it might be that way for awhile. Still, I've gotten over a hump and have some time off of work, and so I might still get some stuff posted. I have a bunch of stuff simmering over.

Anyway, a mix. Once again, I have sat on a batch of songs for too long and am forced to rush things just to get it off my plate. This one is loud and for the most part fast. I can't promise much for the sound quality, since at least three of the songs are distorted enough in their natural form that there wasn't much I could do. I mixed 'em down where I could. It's hard to do this right without using the car as a playback option. If it sounds like garbage, I can fix it easily enough.

Anyways, yeah these songs are pretty good listening. There's a strong Memphis vibe, with some psych pop and scuffed up country and, because I'm a 36 year-old white guy, a Blackalicious song (whatever I think it fits, and I like the new album, for what that's worth). and some rock/roll. Oh, and Billy's dad from Gremlins. That's my little nod to the holidays.

1. “Memphis Soul Stew” - King Curtis
2. “Fatal Flaw” - Titus Andronicus
3. “Wolf Trap Hotel” - White Reaper
4. “Fan the Flames” - Sheer Mag
5. “There’s a Revolution” - Got a Girl
6. “Blacka” - Blackalicious
7. “Su Derenin Sulari” - Husnu Ozkartal Orkestrasi
8. “Bar Stool Mountain” - Moe Bandy
9. “California Women” - Hoyt Axton
10. “I’m So Glad, I’m So Proud” (45 edit) - Link Wray
11. “Medway Wheelers” - The Buff Medways
12. “I’ll Be Lonely” - John Holt
13. “Si Je Buvais Moins” - Douglas
14. “Moe Bandy Mounaineers” - Grandaddy
15. “A Different Me” - Dogs
16. “She’s All I Got” - Freddie North
17. “All Kindsa Girls” - Ex Hex
18. “I Hear the Wind Blow” - Hot Knives

tracks coming later

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The American was good-natured, generous, hospitable, and sociable, and he reversed the whole history of language to make the term “stranger” one of welcome.
- Henry Steele Comager

Something to think about as a majority of our governors have closed their states to Syrian refugees. People who have literally walked across a continent in some cases. People who have run from tyranny and bloodshed that we can only hope to never know. Tired, poor masses who are certainly yearning to breathe free. There is a decent percentage of this country telling them in no certain terms to fuck off. Or worse, "come back when you're the right religion."

Fear is understandable. In some cases it is an utter necessity. But to cave to fear, especially as a nation, a great nation, it is unacceptable. We must take the good with the bad, we must stand by our beliefs not only in an hour of perceived terror, but especially in the presence of actual terror. We must maintain our dignity and stand by our beliefs at all costs. If this means we get attacked, then so be it. But to be cowed into hiding by a bunch of savages is deplorable. To blame whole swathes of people for the actions of a few is not only wholly ignorant, it is self-defeating.

I would rather be known as one who died with an open hand than lived as one with a closed fist.

I've never been more proud of my home state for being one of the first to open their arms. Thank you for believing in the good, Pennsylvania.

...aaaand 2 weeks later I'm still running silent. A lot of this stems from some professional issues that I can't really get into at this time, but I can admit that I need to devote most of my free time to filling out applications and interviews. That isn't to say that I'm not constantly thinking of things I want to write about and more lame-ass history lessons to bore you with. I just have to be very efficient with my time, something I am historically not good at when it comes to personal projects, as one can infer just by looking at the posting dates of this very site. In any case, I have something brief today and a fridaysongs(tm)  that I've half-written for the end of the week. Mix is still being tinkered with and I have to do some digging for some segues hopefully this weekend. So there's that.