Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sorry for the delay, my shit got hitched.

I've been pretty unreliable for a spell and, as I sat last night trying to tell the story of when I accidentally bought crack when I was 13, I came pretty close just to deleting this whole page. But I'm shitty with the follow through, so I should ride this thing out for at least a little longer for the sake of my own half-serious attempt at self-improvement. So I'm here at least for a little while longer, I just won't care as much.
I don't even know where to start as far as news. There's an explosion of depressing news items that have popped up lately, but the thing that's been under my skin for the past few days is the dick wizard over at Fox news who lambasted Anderson Cooper for covering the Iraq war instead of Anna Nicole Smith's death. He called him a "snob" and said that American sare tired of hearing about the war. Of course we are. It's war. Who the fuck wants to hear about more Americans dying? Nobody! But that doesn't mean we're not obligated to hear about it. We're paying for this fucking war. We will be for a long time. As entertaining as the drugged-out ramblings of a braindead stripper/lingerie model were, I could give a flying rat's ass about the custody battle for her child. It's terrible, the position that this child is now in, but there are kids who are much worse off than having to figure out which pig-fucking retard of a man is your biological dad. As loathe as I am to say it, I'd rather hear Laura Bush give me her take on the war (and seriously, what the hell was that about?) than this shit. It's just depressing, the state we're in. There was a recent poll that showed that most Americans think that under 10,000 Iraqis (not civilians, total) have died since the invasion. And it's snobbish to want to discuss the war? We have enough TV out there to take our mind off the war. and we should. But that's ecxactly what it should be there for, to take our mind off the war. We shouldn't complain because NEWS TELEVISION reminds us of the war. The was should be pretty much ubiquitous in our lives. Hundreds of thousands of people have died because of what we let happen, and continue to let happen. Damn right we should be thinking about that. Whether you're in rabid support or vehement opposition of this war, we should all be at least thinking about it. Because pretending this shit isn't there isn't gonna keep more people from dying. ugh. Enough about that.

There's a pretty great interview with Chomsky here. These are always the best way to take him in, since reading him is all but coma-inducing, and the sound of his voice tends to put me in a trance. This one is actually kinda funny! Come on, asking Noam Chomsky if he's ever been "purple-nurpled" might be the greatest thing ever.

If I'm basing my opinions of '08 Presidential contenders on their picks in movies, than Richardson and Edwards are kicking some ass. and the Onion has pointed out what I've been shouting at action movies for years.

I'm too tired to get into descripion right now, but here's some Pavement b-sides. One's a sloppy, rambling version of what they proibably considered was their best song at least for a couple years, and the other is the most fun I'd thought they'd had in years at the time. and kinda nasty. Since the Brighten the Corners reissue is probably weeks away, I should post this shit now while it's lukewarm!

"Slowly Typed" - Pavement

"I Wanna Mess You Around" - Pavement

But the Shady Lane EP here, or wait a month for the BTC reissue.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Get your paws off me you...dirty ape!

The other day I went to a cobbler. I've never been to a cobbler. I'm not even sure I know anyone who has (though I'm sure I do). I thought cobblers existed today solely for the continued traditions of selling magic beans and casting enchanted stool. But no! Cobblers are no haven for transdimensional mythos! They are steadfast fellows, with an iron will and a friendly ear. No, just kidding I barely spoke to the guy. I was a little let down when I found out that he was located in a busniess park less than a mile from the house I grew up in.

Aside from than Lanzafame and the last Solomon Burke album, I've been listening to this Cloud Cult album a lot. It's really a tough sound to explain, but it goes from a sloppy wreck to this immensely pleasing laser beam to the eyeball of ...warm. Yeah. Anyway, you can get the new album now on their website or wait until April 30th in the stores. Or not buy it at all. It's frankly none of my concern. Everything I read about these guys has to do with their being super green or being Minnesotans. The first two songs are from their last album. "Pretty Voice" has a certain moment where I was convinced I was listening to Crosby, Stills & Nash. You'll know it when you hear it.

"What It Feels Like To Be Alive"" - Cloud Cult
"Training Wheels" - Cloud Cult
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"Pretty Voice" - Cloud Cult
Buy The Meaning of 8 early here!

Boing Boing featured this photo stream about these futuristic housing complexes that were built in Taiwan that were abandoned by investors and left to rot years ago. It's probably one of the coolest things I've seen in recent memory, and definitely worth checking out. Part 1. Part 2. It should be pointed out that Bb's description of them as resembling a "rotting, zombified version of the Monsanto House of the Future from Disneyland" is pretty great, but I still think of Troy McClure's house. There's some nekkid ladies in some of them, so heads up ya mormons.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, there was a little factoid on Bill Maher (which means there's a slight chance of it being true) that 43% of a poll stated that they wouldn't vote for a Mormon for president. 43%! I don't think Mitt Romney has a shot in hell, but still, that's pretty fucked up, people. I just wanted to point that out.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cameraphone Action!

My day sucked with five blades, so on the way home I stopped and did donuts in not one but three parking lots. I catch a lot of shit for this, but it's one of the best stress relievers imaginable. Another one of those occasions where the infinitely juvenile and stupid can be the greatest course of all.

Anyway, speaking of stress relief behind the wheel, last weekend I got to make one of my favorite drives of all time. I had to drive to Betterton for a few reasons, but none of them all that important. I think in the end I made the drive because I really, really felt lik it. It was one of those things where I stopped and realized that I hadn't in the longest time just driven soemwhere for the sake of driving. Sometimes I'll make a detour or go the long way home in a good mood, but I hadn't just driven around in a long time. And what better drive to make than that one; The first hour is spent on one of the busiest highways in the country* and the second is on the backroads. It's that perfect balance of excitement and mind-numbing tranquility. It used to be more backroads than anything, but sprawl has lessened the efect of it somewhat over recent years.

Regardless, I can drive it in my sleep. I loaded up a bunch of CDs and picked up a few gallons of coffee and I was on my way.

This is a haunted amusement park that lies just over my favorite bridge ever. I just like driving past it. Especially when it's out of season.

I'd spent the morming candle shopping and watching a History Channel special on Fort Knox. In it they pointed out that the Fort used to be behind sprawling rows of trees for cover, they cut them all down years ago with the more offensive mindset of not allowing cover for any advancing party. I operate under the assumption that that guy has the same idea.

When I got to Betterton and went straight to the beach. The water had a layer of ice over it and there were teenagers playing on it but they were too far away to get a good picture of it. I'm pretty sure one if not both of them feel into the water.

By the time I was coming back near Wilmington, the sun was setting. and my windows were filthy.

So that's what I managed to get pictures of. I managed to not get one good shot of a massive flock of snow geese that blanketed one of the empty cornfield. and the nuclear reactor from atop the bridge. But that's what I can reach for next time.

*While I was thinking about I-95 I wanted to see how heavily exactly it is travelled before describing it and I got to find out why she's such an irritating bitch near me. Then I started checking out classic Pennsylvania road photos and this crap and well, you can see why my posting is so erratic.

and now some Willie Nelson demos. I guess it's a given for most people that Willie is an icon for lots of outlaw cowboy and pro-marijuana folks, but I guess I never really paid atention to his music because until I was 18 or so the only song of his that I knew was "You Were Always On My Mind", which sucks. It was only later I found out that he was a cornerstone of a genre, and a founding father of the elite paramilitary force known as THIE HIGHWAYMEN. Here he is recording some demos that all went on to become classics.

"Things to Remember" (demo) - Willie Nelson

"Crazy" (demo) - Willie Nelson

"I Gotta Get Drunk" (demo) - Willie Nelson

It sounds strange, but over time I've grown to prefer these to their more widely known versions.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

"I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma"

I know I've been a real turd about posting on here lately. I could say that I haven't really been in much of a state to reflect on anything lately, that I've been preoccupied with my father's current situation and planning a wedding in a month. I could tell you that I have actually started no less than 3 seperate posts in the past week that I couldn't finish on topics ranging from the mysticism of Teresa of Ávila Vs. Ralph Nader, Josh Wolf's record-breaking jail stint, Jose Bove's bid for the French presidency, and my annoying habit of vocally pointing out what every single new actor (sigh) on "Lost" has also appeared in. Yes, I could say all of these things, but the point is, I am in fact a turd. You knew I was a turd when you met me. So don't start feigning shock when I disappear for a week. Speaking of which, what the fuck is this outrage over Prince's phallic guitar work? It's fucking Prince. The man impregnates women (and men!) with his wee stare. Did you think he was gonna play the "cheers" theme song and hop offstage? idiots. Imagine the shock next year when they discover that Kid Rock, it seems, has a taste for strippers.
Not much to post today because my ipod just erased itself. I don't know what sort of skill that takes, but I've got it in spades. I should look into work destroying the digital databases of foes.
Anyway, there's a good article in the Washington Post yesterday about the effect that Iraq might be affecting the 2008 vote. there isn't much new information there (other than Sununu literally running away from the press- what a dink), but it shows just how desperate politicians in an election year can get. It's interesting to see how many opinions have changed and to what degrees. I feel like we have no indication whatsoever on where these same people will stand a year from now on the issue. Other than Hillary. What the hell does that mean? What does it mean when people don't even want to debate on what to do in Iraq? Should we challenge their patriotism as the people of this country? I seems to be the only way to get shit done around here, so perhaps that's it. I'm gonna start questioning people's patriotism when they won't buy me a beer.
and what's with everyone lefting up their stances lately? Edwards sounds like he's about to nationalize our utilities, and the great blue dog of the north, Tom Vilsack, is talking about defunding the war? What the fuck? I'm almost hoping Nader does run again. I don't know how I feel about that (sure, he probably does siphon votes from the left. but even if he could be allowed in a debate, he would alter the political discourse of this country profoundly), but he feels the exact same way about Hillary as I do.
What else have I missed. Oh, the astronaut thing. I'm sure you know all about it, and frankly I don't understand why it's big news. anyway, read about it in Somethingawful if nowhere else.
I'm not buying comics for a while, which is fine because I need the extra cash, but I just saw that Fell #7, New Avengers #27, and the latest volume of Twisted Toyfare Theatre are all out. Oh well. Anyway, read one of the best TTT strips ever here.

Because of "Extras", this song has been in the background of all of my thoughts for the past few weeks. It's maddening, I tell you.

"Tea for the Tillerman" - Cat Stevens
Buy Tea for the Tillerman here

and the always beautiful and charismatic Eartha Kitt

"C'est Si Bon" - Eartha Kitt
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oh, and I owe Sarah $5.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

On Tuesday in Iraq 10 US troops died. and 250 Iraqis died over the weekend. Yet as I'm typing this tonight, half of my state is pondering the actions of a rodent, and the other half are pounding beers in a parking lot excited for an orgy of flashing and barbecue sauce. Shit, we've got a killing spree going on right here. For real.
I'm now gonna pour myself a drink and listen to Ray Charles and read some more until I'm tired enough to go to sleep.

"The Sun's Gonna Shine Again" - Ray Charles

"Ray's Blues" - Ray Charles

Buy The Birth of Soul here.

oh, and Germany with their arrest orders! I wonder who they're actually gonna get in this administration to respond to this. Is there a foreign policy horse or something they can trot out?
Texas lost another state treasure with Molly Ivins' death. Her work will be missed.

Just try to imagine this is your life

"A day in the life of the average Iraqi has been reduced to identifying corpses, avoiding car bombs and attempting to keep track of which family members have been detained, which ones have been exiled and which ones have been abducted."

dear God what are we doing anymore?

I'm exhausted, a little hung over, and have had maybe 4 conversations in the past few days that didn't end in someone crying. Things are a little hard right now so posting might be more scarce than usual. Try to bear with me. I'll post some music tonight,

in the meantime, the Wing Bowl is tomorrow. Fatties rejoice. Scope out the contestants and place your bets.