Sunday, February 03, 2008

What are ya, some kinda doomsday machine, boy?

You may have noticed that I've rearranged the links and gone back and tagged the past year or so of entries. Yeah, look at me go. Anyway, the tags are about as inconsistent as the posts.

So, in a fit of celebration*, I've allowed myself a few glasses of wine. and I'm sitting here, looking at the copy of Halloween II that I bought a few months ago, eager to finish this bottle of Chilean Cabernet and provide something of a play-by-play of my watching it. Because I'm sure if you're reading this now you haven't seen it, or even weirder, but I haven't seen it in quite a bit and I've love to bore you with reasons why I think it's very close to being as good as the original. But, some other time I suppose.
Instead I'm watching Live & Let Die, which might be the most underrated Bond movie of all time. I watch this fondly, thinking of an old friend I first saw this with and haven't seen in ten years. I think of McCartney, killing it and Jane Seymour being fucking gorgeous, and that New Orleans funeral, which was certainly the first I've learned of the tradition. It immediately replaced the Viking funeral as my death celebration of choice. You could say this is morbid for such a young age, but I'd interject that this is more of an obsession with going out in style than an obsession with death. Anywho, I'm just now at the famous boat jump scene, which made the Guiness Book for dozens of years an may still be there today.

Question: Did Guns 'n Roses help or hurt the legacy of the song "Live & Let Die"

*to what, you may be asking? I've given my consent to adopting a cat, despite A) always having been a dog person, B) not having a pet since moving out of my parents' house, and C) not technically being allowed to have them in out apartment. It's not that I had the final say in this o course, but I've tried to be a voice of reason, you see.
He's a cute little bastard, I promise. and the look on my wife's face when she first saw him was absolutely worth every penny and minute of litter changing. Pics to come once he's not terrified of me.
Wait, for reference, this is the piture that made us go and take a look. Yes, this was his first impression:
if he's half as crotchety and irritable as this picture suggests, he'll be a perfect fit.

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Nelson_M said...

that seriously looks like the cat from pet cemetary... good luck with that one... you should probably sleep with one eye open...