Friday, February 01, 2008

RE: Lost

okay, I'm glad you're back, even if it's just an 8 episode reprieve from the barren writerless landscape of TV that we have right now. and I'm going to watch your show despite the niggling suspicion that it could turn from suck to blow at any minute. But if you think FOR A SECOND that I'm going to take part in the wankery of your cross-promotional viral marketing schemes, you're fucking crazy. I'm not watching Eli Stone (and seriously, do you think putting George Michael in the show is going to help anything?) to see some fake commercial. I'm not going to buy comic books because of some tiny add that you think is clever. I don't care if it spells out the entire series for me, give it up. Appreciate that I'm still watching the damned show and put that money into something new you'll need when this wraps up, because face it, ABC is a garbage dump for most of the week.

That said, I'm thankful I'll be able to watch Pitt trounce* UConn tomorrow morning.

*and seriously, they'd better trounce them. I'm starting to look at my diploma and wonder how I can alter it to make it look like I went somewhere else. "University of Piffsburgh?" "yeah, they have a kickass basketball program. I'd tell you to check out their website, but it's, um...under construction"

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