Sunday, February 10, 2008

after the 60 Minutes Dem candidate interviews (nothing that new from either camp, but I didn't really pay attention) the next segment was questioning the logistics of continuing to press pennies and nickels every year, despite them being worth less than the material it's printed on. It was more interesting that you'd think. or at least than I'd think. But it was the sight of a disoriented and ornery Andy Rooney stumbling around the Super Bowl with what may or may not be a midget or midget-level dog doing most of the camera work. First, has getting denied access at like 6 parking lots in a row. He makes crankyface at the camera and then proudly drives around some more (the camera undoubtedly skipping over the scores of citizens he must have run over) until he finds the appropriate lot. Then, it was just him walking around, drinking wine and looking generally annoyed the entire time. It was the funniest thing I've seen in a while. The best is when ht shines the camera on himself while at his seat and there's this young guy next to him like "great. this guy. thought I was gonna be sitting next to playmates or Stephen Baldwin or something and I get Andy Rooney. and he's got a camera with him..."

developments in both the primary season and the writer's strike. huh.

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