Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My apologies for the brief respite. Moving (coupled with being sick, work-related mishaps, vet issues, death anniversaries, family hilarity, etc...) hit me a little harder than I'd anticipated and kept me out of it for a little while.

Still working with some boxes, but we're about a trip to the hardware store to start feeling at home. We walked next door (it was a far move), and found out that the previous tenant was handing her keys over. Thirty minutes before we'd been told we could move our shit in. and she never cleaned it. and she'd lived there 10 years. with cats. and a drummer.
This has happened in 7 our of the last 9 moves. This is the result of renting from really small-scale landlords, probably, which pretty much sucks. Oh well, good with the bad. But seriously? this girl was a fucking dirtball.

I hardly consider myself a beacon of cleanliness, but seriously? who gets hair in their fridge? Whose kitchen counters are dusty? eugh. It was disgusting. But 3 bottles of bleach, 2 hazmat suits, and a half-gallon of windex later, and we were cooking with gas!

The new place is nice and sunny and at a huge intersection. It's loud, but there's plenty of room. Come for a visit sometime.

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sarah said...

While the house I moved into is roomy and beautiful let me paint the picture dustballs the size of tumble weeds on the stairwell, now a gapping hole in the laudry room. I'm still throwing out people salad dressings from '06. The bathroom tiles were coated in black gunk. My room had ferret shit shellacked on the floor. I had to paint my cracked walls and ceiling. The guy before me also left some of his furtuniture, his dirty shoes and art supplies EVERYWHERE! The best part about this is I'm still making up for 5 years of neglect.

Good luck!