Monday, March 17, 2008

Philly Edition

Got a message from my friend the other day that ended with "...aaaand I just saw a cop driving the wrong way down the street. Don't you miss Philly?"

well, aside from the campaigning that must be making life hell there right now, I do. Not least of all, some fine spinach ravioli or Sarcone's or perhaps most of all, a decent soft pretzel. But there's plenty more to miss, and that's not even including the O'bama hilarity.

But there was enough in the news to get me pining for my Commonwealth of origin. Not just the PennDot absurdity, it's not just the lying cops (seriously?). It's not even the hilarious naked criminals.

NO! It's that Philly might be getting one of the world's tallest buildings. How have I missed out on this so far? Man, I used to be so into the tallest buildings in the world. and then I turned 8 and realized that I don't really care. I don't mean to dash anyone's hopes here, but isn't this sorta pointless anyway? I think I'd rather have Philly be home to the world's largest cowboy hat than to the fifth largest building, or whatever. I mean, you know that Dubai will have 8 of the world's 10 tallest buildings in 6 years anyway, right? You know what would be a great way to spend that money? By, I dunno, trying to make sure more citizens don't get murdered this year. I know it's real sweet to have the world's fourth largest building to have airbrushed on your casket and everything, but I think I'd rather take the extra cops than the public funding that building would get. Just me. You wanna impress me? Let's make the world's deepest hole. Then we can spend the next 5 years filling with garbage and start all over again.

Here's a link to a guy that links to another guy's summary of a third guy's essay. It's really good reading, though, and it helps to get some background. also because this picture cracks me up.

I'm too tired for Jeremiah Wright, I'm too tired for the seemingly imminent financial disaster looming on the horizon, and I'm too tired even to get started on the end of the Wire, which at this point I should just give up on because that was over a week ago. At some point, though, I want to address this Newsweek article that has me cringing like crazy, but it'll have to wait until later.

Tonight's a big drinking holiday folks. Don't be stupid. Stay in and enjoy your moderation. Don't puke green, don't make an ass of yourself for the nightly news. I'll be back tomorrow.

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