Thursday, March 13, 2008

to dinner tonight there were four businessmen at the table next to us at some steak and tacos joint. They were pretty hammered, and having a rousing argument about the whole Spitzer thing. It was pretty embarrassing. I'm already so sick of it and the talk about his wife being at his side. I'm just going to talk about this once I swear.
The dude fucked up. If you make a career on busting the mafia and wall street, stay the hell away from the prostitutes. That's like the one thing you can't fuck with! I figured he'd be smarter than that.
and of course the GOP is hamming this up as much as possible. and the dems are trying to remind people of prior republican busts that were similar. It means nothing to me. Listen, it's not like I look at these things as an indictment of either (or any) party, only of politicians in general. Polling shows that most of the country disagrees with me, but then that's true of a lot of things.
and regarding his wife. we all know she doesn't want to be there. Chances are, he doesn't want her there either. Her appearance is entirely for your benefit and takes a lot of guts. So stop attacking her.
Sorry, this might be a California thing.
anyways, the conversation behind us got down to two people, and there was slamming the table. There were comparisons of Spitzer to Batman and to Jesus. I swear I'm not making this up. Anyway, it ended in something of a huff and we skipped back home. The end.

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