Monday, March 24, 2008

I woke up on Sat. morning feeling like I'd snuck up behind my liver the night before and broke a chair over it.

Saw Built to Spill and the Meat Puppets on Sat. night, and I think it's interesting that the town immediately south of us, that everyone described as "terrifying" when we got here is where we want to move. Anyway, the show was interesting and filled with hippies. I'm still trying to figure out which if these acts drew more hippies or if it was the combination, but there was a giant man in a tie-dyed skirt next to me through much of the show. He was there with his "old lady" or whatever and another couple. I thought it was interesting that while the band (BTS) was playing, him and his buddy decided to have the LOUDEST CONVERSATION POSSIBLE about Bill Ward of Black Sabbath's drumming capabilities. huh. They were actively shouting OVER the band. Thanks for making it easy, hippies.

One thing I want to address here though. Anyone who has spend some small amount of time with me knows that I'm somewhat susceptible to laughing fits. I mean bad ones. This happens all the time, and is nothing more than my overactive imagination putting completely stupid and absurd pictures into my head. Hilarious, sure, but ultimately kinda stupid. I'll giggle/chortle to myself uncontrollably for a half-hour at a time.

On Saturday night, I experienced one of these fits, and it was brought on by one of the hippie ladies and her hippie dance. Hippie dancing fucking cracks me up. There's a lot of variations on it, some twirl, some bounce, etc... but the one where they sorta just walk in place will never cease to make me laugh. It always reminds me of the way Super Mario characters will walk in place. So of course I started thinking about videotaping her and putting her in front of different backgrounds. Because while it's goofy enough, it's twice as hilarious when you remove them from any meaningul context.

I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard at this. So if you have video editing equipment and you want to see me pretty much never do anything but laugh at hippies again, you can help me set this up. Picture a dancing hippie blue-screened into the following backgrounds:

-Super Mario Bros (of course. Bonus points for putting her into Super Mario Bros. 2 with the raccoon tail)
-In an active volcano.
-On a roller coaster.
-dancing next to a caveman, who is eaten by a dinosaur.
-going through a car wash
-storming the beaches at Normandy
-underneath a rocket ship blasting off.
-in quicksand
-on the bench at a professional football game.

and on and on I went. I was seriously having trouble breathing I was laughing so hard. I felt bad after awhile, but it also resulted (I like to think) in the hippies moving to the other side of the room. Hooray for ridicule!

Incidentally, speaking of Built to Spill, I've always thought Doug Martsch looks something like a Rasputin. Not that he's evil, but especially after hearing him sing, seeing him is a little jarring. He's pretty effing giant (to me, anyway) and has very soft eyes. Maybe I'm not thinking of Rasputin at all, but a giant sloth.
Still, I really wanted to keep frantically shouting "the mad monk has returned and he's doomed us all!" at the show between songs. Which I'm sure nobody would get or find amusing. You see what it's like, being me. I should just wear a helmet all the time so people stop wondering.

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