Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thanks, Warren Ellis.

I love your site. I really do. I've mentioned it here time and time again. I don't get into some of the weirdness that you post, but it's almost always thoughtworthy, and makes me feel a little smarter most of the time. I even check out the weird sex stuff, though I'll never understand how the hell you find it.

and now, thanks to you, I've got the indelible image of a man eating his own testicle in my brain. I'm not kidding. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Please excuse me while I scratch my own eyes out with a rusty melon baller.


Warren Ellis said...

Glad to be of service.

-- W

Cotton said...


Seriously, I'm reasonably certain that Warren exists as a cloud of nanobots in the tubes we know as the internet.

holy shit maybe he's the Lost monster!

Cotton said...

huh. This also means that at least two of you probably clicked that link.

I'm proud and disgusted of you guys!

Douchebag McGee said...

I am so not fucking clicking that fucking thing ever.