Monday, January 14, 2008

new mix

1. "There's Boys at our school who ain't heard anybody like that..."
2. "Beat (Health, Life and Fired)" - Thao Nguyen & the Get Down Stay Downs
3. Drive Me Crazy" - The Penetrators
4. "Tom Hark" - Elias and his Zig-Zag Jive Flutes
5. "Sober Driver" - Dengue Fever
6. "Snatching It Back" - Clarence Carter
7. "Ballad of My Friends" - Zookeeper
8. "Although when I lived in California for a year..."
9. "San Bernardino" - Mountain Goats
10. "Pink Mammoth" - Pelican
11. "Don't Stay Away" - Phyllis Dillon
12. "Violator" - White Williams
13. "I'm Too Tough (For Mr. Big Stuff)" - Vicki Anderson
14. "When She Comes" - Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show
15. "A yellowish color eye..."
16. "In the Crown of Lost Light" - Old Time Relijun
17. "Heavy Reggae (Johnny Reggae)" - Roosevelt Singers
18. "Pomona" - Radar Brothers
19. "What Needs Must Be" - Dead Meadow
20. "Short Life of Trouble" - Emry Arthur
21. "One day last year..."




sarah said...

I was unable to download this mix! Scratches head. I'm not even sure why? Either way, I don't doubt it's quality of awesome.

Douchebag McGee said...

I was able to download it, and I'm still scratching. So many sparrows! I mean, folders! So many folders!