Monday, January 28, 2008

more crap

Things that have made my life better in the past coupla days:
-4 inches of rain. sorry, mudslidey people and the rest of Southern California, I'm loving this, and I dealt with having zero rain for the past 8 months so stop whining, and SERIOUSLY stop using causeways. You know those Greek myths that always result in someone enduring the same gruesome punishment day in and day out for eternity? I'm beginning to think that California might exist in that realm. How can you be surprised by wildfires and keep building in desert scrub brush? How can you possible be surprised by mudslides when you keep building on these embankments? Jesus, you people are prepared for EARTHQUAKES. Grow some initiative. (Yes, I'm now living in mythology).
-The return of Lost. To be honest, I was pretty disappointed by that last finale, but at this point what else is there, other than the 3 remaining episodes of the Wire (which I'm considering burying in the yard for a rainy day)? The dad from Malcolm in the Middle starting a meth lab? Soul-crushing Pitt Basketball? Working on the massive story I've been working out in my head for six months? yeah, right. Especially after that omega-whine I posted above, which has me questioning the validity of it altogether. Sweet doubt.
-the 12 CD Country Legends box set. It's odd that I'm listening to this. It might be because all of the Country Western songs I learned from the Blues Brothers are on it. It might be because of the Johnny Cash obsession I built up last year. But the fact that I've decided to stop drinking for a couple weeks while listening to this and gearing up for the State of the Union is nothing short of astounding. I'm kinda proud of me. I'm hoping to have a pretty solid Country mix up here in a week or so.
-Thao Nguyen and the Get Down Stay Downs. I thought I said something about this album here earlier, but I didn't. I love it. I loved her old stuff, but I love this more. Imagine if Modest Mouse was fronted by a lady, picked up Ween's 12 Country Golden Greats instead of Johnny Marr, and didn't rape people. and then make it better.
-The Writer's Strike. of course I hate it, but I'm praying to god that this results in some sort of hellstorm that sucks ALL of reality TV into some nether vortex made of fire, nails and Benny Hill.
-The very idea that Vince Vaughn went on a comedy tour and taped it. I don't give a shit how his comedy is, the very premise of this is ripe for calamity. I eagerly await a drunken Vaughn telling us how he "really feels".
-The rapid approach of commercial space travel. I can assure you I will never leave this planet's atmosphere unless forced.

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