Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Duane Benzie!

While I'm rappin' TV, it's worth noting that Spaced is finally getting released on Region 1 DVD. I've passed (and been passed) copies of this series from all over the country and I can honestly say I've got no qualms about buying it for a third time when it comes out. Excellent.

some more details here.
(PS I know I say this a lot, but can Judd Apatow shut up already?)

I can promise you 2 things about this.
-The Patton Oswalt Commentary will make at least 2 dozen references that will be too nerdy even for me.
-I will never listen to the Tarentino commentary. or any of the other commentaries, excepting perhaps Bill Hader's. I will still have no idea who Diablo Cody is by the time I see this.

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Chase said...

My guess would be that every episode has Pegg and some lardo doing a commentary track, and on one episode Quentin shows up, and another Patton is there, and in yet another Diablo and Bill Hader are there, and guess what? You'll listen to every last syrupy second and YOU'LL LIKE IT.