Monday, May 05, 2008

Bird Update: I don't know anything. The little guy was taken to an animal hospital and the person that took him is out for another week. My guess is they probably put him down. I mean, he had a broken wing. I don't know, though. I'll give some updates when I got 'em.

I'm completely out of the loop on everything. Apparently Jean Grae quit Hip-Hop. I'm hoping this is a Jigga-type situation more than anything, but who knows? She's certainly had her share of raw deals.

I don't really got much else for you today. I'm too tired of politics to even think about it, and I'm still trying to wrap my head around how we're bombing Somalia now (is this not in the news? how am I just getting to this now? How long before we're bombing Deerfield, Indiana for al-Quaeda? How is this still happening? How does anyone think this shit will possibly stop in November? who am I talking to?)


Joe said...

im waiting for my life to change in some tangible way to actually start getting scared

Joe said...

btw the back of the sign reads 'SECURE OUR BORDERS'
not any among us are natives. therein lies the maddening idiocy. i think my dad has about 6 handguns, being an ex-marine. i think i want one of them. just to have.