Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Cotton's Adventures in Walking to Work

or, "let's not talk about it"
It's a rainy day, and I don't often get a chance to appreciate that. So here's some stuff.

No comments on the elections, no comments on Burmese cyclones, no comments on me, no comments on the recently released photos documenting the immediate aftermath of our attack on Hiroshima (caution: those pictures are very serious and very explicit. and will probably make you want to scratch your own eyes out with a rusty darning needle. really).

Just some crap I saw walking to work.

Maybe later I'll come up with something more... substantial. but maybe not.

SNAIL! I came very close to stepping on this guy, then moved him into the grass

I call this one "Banana somehow Stuck to Stop Sign"

The Lantana by Sycamore elementary, my favorite plant in town. It finally started blooming again a few weeks ago and as you can see, it's coming along nicely.

soundtrack this morning: Bob Dylan John Wesley Harding


Carrie said...

Ah, the pretty

Torrey said...

Very pretty cots, I love seeing your work route!