Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Here's some pictures of an abandoned Russian ICBM*silo in Kazakhstan. I'm obsessed with stuff like this, and would love to track down some of these in the US if I weren't so completely terrified by them.

*Inter Continental Ballistic Missile, for those who haven't seen Spies Like Us too many times.

There's a big trend in things to do with these old things, including such illustrious purposes as LSD lab and living space. I'm kinda partial to the latter, if you convince me its location wasn't pre-programmed into some ancient Soviet missile that's been in the hands of some idiot warlord for a decade.
Still, that would be such a kickass place to live. I would set mine up so people would thing I was this really passive and friendly Bond villain. I mean, check out this dude! It's like living in the not-too-distant future! WHO'S WITH ME!!???

Here's a list of missile base coordinates within the US, including a nifty little package you can install on your neato Google Earth. Look up one near you and set my ass up a room in it!

PS I will not move to Kazakhstan.


lorna said...

you're funny sometimes.

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