Friday, April 11, 2008

So I lost my sunglasses a week or two ago. Which in Southern California is pretty much like losing the roof to your home. I've managed so far, but as summer creaks into sight, I'm faced with the option of spending a lot of time in traffic being blinded.

I had them for just shy of 2 years. Which is probably 18 months longer than I've had any other pair of sunglasses in my entire life. But they're easily the nicest pair I've ever owned, too. I've always been more of an "I bought them in a truck stop" guy.

I don't think I ever owned a pair until after college. I certainly never bought a pair.

at some point after the whole thing with my eye happened, I decided that wearing sunglasses was cheating. That it was now who I was and to hide that is only to hide who I am.

I have never once claimed to be very smart.

So yeah. But after some point, you get tired of hearing about all of the eye cancer and you think "hey, those UV rays might be harmful." at least that's what I did. So I bought sunglasses.

Now they're gone, lost on historic route 66 without a care.

and now I find myself missing my shades. The odds of my having ones that nice ever again are slim to none.
No shades, no cable.

if I have a beard next week, hunt me down like a dog.

I haven't shaved in 10 days, so this is likely.

anyway, I miss my sunglasses, and now I have to figure out if there's a different kind I should be looking into, or if I want them at all. Because, you know, driving is overrated.


sarah said...

I've got a cornucopia of shades. I'll send you a pair, what color do you want?

(To answer the next question. No, they are not all ladies shades.)

Cotton said...

That has me with a whole other set of questions. Aviators have treated me well, but should I be looking for something new? Should I just get mirrored ones? Should I try to bring those funny glasses from the movie Mannequin back?

so many questions...

sarah said...

Hmm. If we're talking about the asymmetrical shades that Meshach Taylor wore in Mannequin.. then no, no they should never be seen by the light of day again. Didn't pizza hut run a promo with those? Maybe that was teenage minute turtles.

Though, I think I may have a pair of mirrored aviators lying around.