Friday, March 15, 2013

So here's a thing...

I'll have a mix up in a few hours. It's all done, I'm just working on a new delivery system and I need greater bandwidth before I can upload it.

It hit me pretty recently that I hadn't made a mix in well over a year. It's not through lack of effort, either. A few months ago I had one all but ready, but then my hard drive crapped out and that was a pretty massive setback. I'm still trying to find some of those songs. It's also because I don't listen to as much music, with my listening augmented by podcasts, audiobooks etc...

So I had this folder of songs and clips that I wanted to use for a mix just keep growing and growing and growing until the idea of getting back to making a mix was daunting indeed. So I decided to make it a bunch of mixes. Then it turned into a (hopefully) ongoing project, the Hot Dog Social Hour. I know if you've seen this site in the past few years, you're already rolling your eyes, but I'm gonna make an effort both to revive this dusty virtual space and to release at least a couple volumes of HDSH, so check back sometime soon if you'd like.

Usually, the bulk of the work I put into my mixes is the tagging and editing. I know that sounds crazy but it's true. So I'm gonna try to do something new, where I'll put out a mix as a single track. This allows me to avoid getting sued for sharing music, and it also makes the back end a lot easier for me. If you don't like it, or if you want a particular track without all of its neighbors... email me. or something.

This way, it should be a lot easier for me to put one of these out every other week or so. I have most of the next show already taken care of, as well.

Check back here in a few hours for more details on the first volume of Hot Dog Social Hour.

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