Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Cellphone photo dump 1

found something I thought I'd posted ages ago. This is from about a month ago, spotted in a little exhibit in the Getty Research Institute. It's about launching cats. No shit:


Oh, it gets better:

if you look at the bottom there:

Yes. That's a cat with something like a 16th century rocket strapped to its back. There's also a bird at the top.
I have a whole stack of fun images I need to post, but I also need to get this whole thing moved to a new address. I've more or less got everything figured out but the name, so if anyone's got any clever suggestions, I'm all ears. Everything I've tried is either taken or creepy and ominous-sounding, and I'm trying to avoid that. 

Anyway, more to come.

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Sarah said...

Can't wait. As for names I am not the person for this one. Just don't over think it.