Monday, March 08, 2010

There's really nothing more awesome than an abandoned insane asylum, other than one that's called Hellingly.


Chase said...

that reminds me, did I ever show you the Richmond Pump House?

There's a lock in the canal there and this awesome building used to house the pumps for it on the ground floor and had an open-air ballroom on the top. and it looks like a castle. and it's now in total disrepair and it's hard to get people to help you preserve it and donate money when the surrounding park is now VERY, VERY CRUISY with closeted men going there for some mid-day brain. Probably the kind of thing they should tell you when you move to town and wonder why no one knows about this awesome freakin' castle in the middle of the woods, but no one says NOTHING.

Cotton said...

I remember you telling me about it, but I'd never seen any pictures. That's pretty awesome, and looks sturdier than expected.

I like "cruisy" as an adjective.