Sunday, November 22, 2009

Post #981: WASTED!

 I think I got this back at Largo last night. No idea what it means, but it still makes me laugh. I like to think that "Gay Money" was an overlooked character from New Jack City.

The show was great last night, this is really turning into a nice little evening, o if you're thinking about visiting while one of these shows is on, you're going whether you like it or not.

So, with this post 999, I am gonna start working on something new, with luck I can just switch this site over and rename it and such, but either way, I'll post developments as they come. My final projects are all firing up this week and next, which means I'll be doing a lot of reading and swearing, but hopefully I'll post a mix (best of?) or something celebratory for the big K.

In the meantime, have a wonderful week and a happy thanksgiving, everyone. Be thankful for everything you have, and for many things you do not have (oh, you want a radioactive snapping turtle that poops acid? I THOUGHT NOT). But most of all, remember how great this place can be if you give it a shot.

EDIT: So, it turns out there were about 20 saved drafts that were being counted as posts. So as it turns out, I got plenty of room to post before I need to worry about the dial rolling over. So ignore all that crap and look forward to 19 posts about TV, the casserole I just made, and my cat.


Lisa Jane Persky said...

You didn't ask but here's the sobering news about money marked "gay". The idea behind stamping or identifying it is this: Gays are one of the most significant sectors of the economy. This is a way to get people to take notice of that. If all the dollars spent by gays were calculated/marked perhaps their worth would be "realized" by those who cannot think in more human terms.

Cotton said...

really? That's crazy! Well, not really, it it's crazy that people wouldn't notice that the gay community doesn't spend money. Unlike the radical Christian right, whose economy runs on "funbucks".
I guess this is further testament to how dumb the concept (or at least the current incarnation) of marketing is.

(I still like the New Jack City idea)