Sunday, November 08, 2009

Last night, after dinner, I got some new (marked down!) kicks. The original pair I wanted is apparently only made for ladies. I like the colors, but thinking about it now kinda makes me think that while I used to wear every color imaginable, most of my clothing/accoutrement is of two color schemes: blue/gray and brown/orange. Also, right as I was getting ready for bed at like 2:30-3 AM, I saw a very drunk person stumbling all around the parking lot from the porch. After coming dangerously to cracking his head open a couple of times, he finally ended up swaying -then falling- into a little shrub/ivy patch that I personally see at least 2 dogs pee in every day.

I'm pretty sure he would've passed out there if my laughing hadn't startled him back up. So for once, by obnoxious tittering did something useful. Take that, 10th grade chemistry teacher!

It was pretty much the best thing I could've seen before going off the bed.


Sarah said...

Love the new sneaks!

I'm curious about these lady pair you about write about though.

Cotton said...

They were old-looking, blue with a silver reflective swoosh. Next time I'm back in Pasadena, I'll take a pic. They were pretty amazing.