Monday, April 13, 2009

I wanted to write something about the death of Harry Kalas, but I've got a truckload of reading in front of me and the way my day is going, I'd probably get gandraped by a herd of elephants before I get to finish writing it up. Needless to say, he was one of the greats and his voice is truly missed. and I'm glad he at least got to anounce the Phils' Series win.

As far as my day, it really was a shitty one of epic proportions. When, by 1:30 PM. you've decided that you're better off going home and not going outside for the rest of the day, you know things aren't going your way. I also got pulled over for the first time in awhile, and got my first ticket since... 2000. It was a nice streak, and the longest of my life so far, so now I got a challenge.
But then I found an article about a guy who had a 5 cm fir tree removed from his lungs. While that's pretty damned weird, I think the craziest part is that he "probably inhaled a bud and it proceeded to grow inside his body". Yeah. So, I got that going for me. That is, not having a tree taking root in my lungs. Which is nice.

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Chase said...

You don't have a fir tree growing inside of you AS FAR AS YOU KNOW. most likely, your wife the botany version of Dr. Moreau. You could be half man/half christmas already.