Thursday, November 08, 2007

Worthless Post #311

my god it's been a pretty crazy week. and now, with some sort of walrus flu going around my workplace, I'm just trying to hold things down and take 5000 mg of vitamin C a day. I'll let you know how that works out. My wife is camped out across the street from death, so I don't have much hope.
I was reading some Doug Coupland earlier and it got me thinking how much of his earlier works convey a lot of the same anxieties, fears, joys, and general tones that I (and much of my generation, I would suspect) have felt at various stages in my life. Lately, not so much, but one of his most dominant themes, namely that our brains get filled with mush and leftover cereal ads and higher math and old Seinfeld episodes or whatever and after awhile we fail to capture new emotions or register new memories. That our brains get clogged up like an old hard drive and we're screwed with it.
I really do not want that to happen to me. Last night as I was doing laundry it occurred to me that I'm old enough to be casually drinking a beer in a laundromat as I fold laundry without anyone calling the cops. I'm pretty happy with that, and it's certainly a new feeling.

There's a Worthington, PA? huh...

Pat Robertson endorsed Rudy Giuliani. Are you fucking kidding me? I don't know what the hell is going on here, but there's no way any good can come of it. Giuliani!

Japanese whiskey commercials are GREAT (via BoingBoing)

oh, and I'm gonna start putting that thing up here. I'm not sure when I'll get it, hopefully tonight, but expect it sometime this weekend.


Nelson_M said...

check out "Cold Snap" at your local Whole Foods for all your immunity protection - it's the real deal.

Douchebag McGee said...

I don't understand how you guys get sick all the time. Are you sucking on bubonic plague-infested rats "for the antioxidants" or something? California is supposed to be good for you. Maybe Planet Hoagie was all that was keeping you afloat.

Joe said...

linus pauling, right? vit c megadoses? didn't he play a part in the development of the nuclear bomb also? i chose 'also', as opposed to 'as well' because people that say 'as well' think they sound smart. and i don't need to think that, baby, i know it!! word.
yea my brother won't laugh about old happy days episodes with me, because he thinks they clog up his brain. im not sure hes read any coupland. i think my hard drive is big enough to experience new things while im wackin off to leather tuscadero - who, in real life, was recording artist suzi quattro. i put up one of her songs on the shag.