Friday, November 16, 2007

Just skip it. Trust me.

Today at work, I have been battered, exhausted, bruised, stabbed and poisoned.

Well, it's not nearly as dramatic as it sounds, but it should paint a pretty solid picture of exactly how bad today was, which was the capper for an extraordinarily shitty week. My great uncle died. Some bullshit Apple update wiped my ipod after I'd set everything up perfectly and had something like 2.65 GB of new music to listen to. and for once it wasn't even my fault! We found out that a Black Widow lives on our back stoop, where I (used to) sit in the dark every couple of nights to smoke a cigarette. and I woke up this morning looking like a family of scorpions had a street brawl on my back. I have no idea what bit me, I can't even see the bites. But I'm told that if it was the Black widow I'd be hallucinating by now. So I got that going for me.

Is it wrong to try to capture this thing to sell to high schoolers?

also, I'm working on Sunday. This should be great!

A few days ago someone mentioned New Years Eve, and it depressed me to no speakable degree to realize that not only do we not have any plans for NYE, but that there's no chance of us coming up with any between now and then. For my entire life I've had a pretty great fallback plan. One that I used for some 15 years or so. Thinking of it, While I'm not sure I ever had a party, I've hosted probably 20 new years' celebrations. This year I'm going to set our garbage on fire and drink beer until I can sleep through everyone else's fun.

Yeah, so I apologize for the unnecessarily whiny post but I had a spare minute and thought I'd mention that I'm feeling like crap. I'm hoping the worst is past.


sarah said...

Lighting garbage on fire?? Drinking beer?? At the same time??C'mon, that sounds like a lot of fun to me.

Joe said...

i wanna go to yer garbage party