Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Got to the doctor this morning. She still has no idea what bit me, but surmised that I "must be really allergic to it, whatever it is". Great. So I can "dog" off my list.

Later, as the nurse is giving me my benadryl shot:
Nurse: "You're gonna get it in the butt"
Me: "Yeah, it's pretty much how this week is going"

A few hours later, though, the swelling has gone down, and my back is starting to resemble a humanoid shape again, which is pretty effin' sweet, to be sure. Hopefully by the time I stuff my face I'll be able to sleep again.

I probably won't get the chance to make any sort of salient post between now and Thanksgiving (not that I'm counting this as one. I've been dragging here as of late and I know it), but i wanted to wish everyone a happy one if I don't get the chance to later. If only for a minute, I ask you just to think of a moment of how lucky you truly are. Stop wishing bodily harm on your family long enough to remember why you love them. Stop stuffing your face (this is for me more than anyone else) long enough to appreciate that you are not hungry. Stop downing wine long enough to remember that you have people to enjoy it with. These are the important things, and don't forget to remind you how lucky all of us are to have them. Enough sappy bullshit, I'm gonna duck out of work early and go listen to some Mavis Staples at an embarrassingly loud level, and try not to think about anything at all.


PDX Chica said...

Hey Cotton, great post re: thanksgiving (I'm on the same sappy train you are). I'm linking you on my blog.

Cheers, d

Nelson_M said...

enjoy the holiday and don't stop sipping that wine for too long.