Monday, June 21, 2010

So, I've been kicking around the idea of starting a new blog, not one to replace this, because despite my utter lack of posting since finishing grad school (that's right, I'm DONE), I will always have something dumb to post and a need for a place to post it.

This potential new one would be a chronicle of the horrifically stupid restaurant reviews I've encountered on Yelp.  I'm sure we've all seen these, and I'm not sure if you might get as annoyed reading these as I do (patent pending). But I'm hoping to get that going sooner than later. My problem is mostly that it'll be mostly based on restaurants that I've been to, since those are the pages that I tend to visit and it's hard to figure out how stupid someone is being about a place until you've seen it.


Now I'm rethinking this whole idea.

While I retool this, though, I'm also thinking about doing the same thing for stupid movie reviews I've seen on Netflix. Tonight we were talking about Cocoon: The Return and I wanted to see if Steve "The Gute" Guttenberg was around for that. What I found was this:

This was like watching the first one; same script, same mood, same old people acting silly. I liked the first better, but maybe because I saw it when I was young. There was a LOT of language in this one, so dont be fooled by the age 9+ rating. I was tired of the cussing out of the mouths of senior citizens by half-way through. Ok, not the F-bomb, but still offensive to me.
 To summarize, this person was "young" when the first one came out, so probably not far from me in age. But they were offended by the language in the second one? I'm sure that if you get Wilford Brimley worked up, the guy will curse a blue streak. But Don Ameche reprising an Oscar-winning role? Interesting... I might have to make better use of this. Okay, get ready for the unveiling of dumb Netflix reviews. And Maybe Yelp ones.

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