Tuesday, June 22, 2010

haha, Donnie Darko:

What the heck are people talking about when they say this movie is boring. If you are into flashy plotless un thoughtfull [sic] movies that america loves to pump out, yeah I would say don't watch this movie. I like an array of movies and I felt that this movie was a nice mix of American Beauty style dialogue with a great twist. Deffinately much better than 1 star??? There are some great lines in this movie that had me laughing. The music soundtrack had some great songs in it that were even choreographed to segments of the movie. Well shot, especially for a budget of half a million dollars. Its about a kid who has a link between his future and his present. Discovers accidentally through his connection with a dark suited bunny who trys to save him. Patrick Swayze plays a great creepy role that all too well suits him. All in all I would say this is almost a five star but I gave it a 5 becuase it deserves more than a 4. This is original
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