Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Who's Next?

Who's Next?

  1. "Do you believe in the monsters?"
  2. "Kiss With a Fist" - Florence and the Machine
  3. "Can You Get to That?" - Funkadelic
  4. "Lalita" - The Love Language
  5. "Carly Simon" - The Haints
  6. "Hope Dies Last" - Magnolia Electric Co.
  7. "Going Back to Mexico" - Lula Reed
  8. "March of the Dawn" - The Mummers
  9. "Tattoo" - Petra Haden
  10. "Look Back in Anger" - Television Personalities
  11. "It's a Gas!"
  12. "Deliverance" - Avenue A
  13. "Indian War Whoop" - Hoyt Ming and his Pep Steppers
  14. "There Goes a Girl" - Johnny Truitt
  15. "The Grips" - Benjy Ferree
  16. "The Last Kiss" - Aidan Moffett and the Best-Ofs
  17. "Nothing but a Heartache" - The Flirtations
  18. "You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)" - The Beatles
  19. "Ingredients"
So, I haven't gotten to any of the correspondence that I've been waiting to get to, but I have had the bulk of this mix sitting on my desktop for the past 2 months. Some of this is very old and you might well hae heard a lot of it, but it's been played pretty steadily around here lately. This is a little more whimsical than most of my mixes tend to be, but I think it's still worth listening to. But then, that's your call.

download here.

updated link, for anyone having trouble with the last one


Chase said...

When I downloaded this, it downloaded without any file extension, "who's next" instead of "who's next.zip" so I added the file type extension. Then I could see the folder inside but none of the files would extract correctly (probably because the file name was no longer correct). Not really sure what happened.

Chase said...

the problem is that you've created an archive with a question mark and an apostrophe in the title, which are invalid characters to a PC file system.

Cotton said...

okay, fixed and posted.

Chase said...

troubleshooting, son!

Sarah said...

Thank you for that Funkadelic track!