Friday, February 13, 2009

Tales of the Black Freighter

While I'm excited for this Watchmen movie, I am going into this with a good deal of reservations. Namely, I don't think it will be as universal a success as some of the other superhero movies that we've seen as of late. Not because it's a bad story or because I don't trust the director or anything, I just don't think it will work well as a film. I also think that when audiences go to see this expecting a superhero story, they're going to be disappointed. Obviously, I want the film to succeed, and so I'm hoping that doesn't happen.
But as more and more details emerge, I'm starting to get hopeful... for the DVD.

"Tales of the Black Freighter", a story within the larger story of the Watchmen book, is a profoundly messed up story that I was certain would never be admitted into the film. It would screw up the pacing for a 90 minute film, and it would probably just confuse audiences. It turns out I was right, but they're still animating the thing anyway for release on DVD. The trailer was released today.

I'm happy about this, because the story is one of the first things I considered when I heard they were actually going to make this movie. It's a great story, however disturbing, and it would be stupid to make no attempt to tell it with the movie.
How it will be released, though, is yet to be seen. Sure, it'll be by itself on DVD, but I'm wondering if when releasing the film on DVD they could splice scenes from this movie throughout the tale in Watchmen. It's probably much harder than it would be worth, but I guy can dream...
Anyway, I'm excited for how it turns out. For now...

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