Saturday, October 20, 2007

Slept in today after a late night of reading and Fido. It's a nice day, so I went for a walk, and made nice with the teenagers posturing on the corner with clove cigarettes. They liked my t-shirt, which has a Japanese ad for Kidsbeer. Last weekend, one of these very kids called me a faggot from a moving SUV window.
In the record store, there were about 20 copies of Radiohead's In Rainbows in the used section. I'm not even remotely sure how that's legal. I guess selling used mp3s is just the same as used CDs.
Anyway, I picked up some milk and albums and came back home to make myself two eggs, over easy, a pot of coffee, and some toast. Miller's Crossing is on. So I'm gonna watch this, eat my breakfast, and go for another walk before heading to Pomona to see the Go! Team tonight. I've barely listened to the new record since it came out, and I'm hoping that will make tonight even more pleasant.
Then, tonight, in the vacant glow of early morning, I will drink many beers and regale you with jungle tales.


Ricky said...

OK, this was spooky. I was reading the last sentence of your post, and "Grip Like a Vice" came on. So, I think that's a good omen. P.S. Ms. Marshall did cover that George Jackson song, and was stellar the entire evening.

Douchebag McGee said...

yeah you know that that george jackson joint is going to be on her new covers album, yeah?

Cotton said...

Yes. See the comment above yours.

that said, not many of the other covers look that exciting to me.

Douchebag McGee said...

hey dickbag, that post clearly indicates that she performed the cover "LIVE" as in "Frampton Comes A", whereas I was pointing out that you can get the recorded version and score your own youtube jewelery commercial for all the world to see. I think that they are 2 separate but salient points, and I don't want to hear a lot of guff about it.

Cotton said...

if I'm giving you guff, 'bag, you'll know it. YOU'LL KNOW ABOUT IT IN YOUR FACE!