Friday, September 11, 2015

Luke v Hud

I can't stop looking at this and thinking "holy shit this is almost 50 years ago".
I know we are less apathetic now. I know that most of us are more politically active than ever before.

But when you look at what has guided this discourse: ideological mimicry, misinformation, distrust, special interests... is that any better? Is it possible to have a politically active and well-informed population?

 It's like we've decided to be more politically active (thanks in large part to the internet), but only in the basest sense possible. As usual, technology has provided us with unparalleled convenience while eradicating nuance and the responsibility of participation.

 Now we just shout insults and non-facts at one another, a revival of 19th century politicking in the truest sense.

 Sometimes I miss apathy.

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