Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hot Dog Social Hour, Vol. 7

  1. "Hot Water" - King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
  2. "Vacuum Cleaner" - Tintern Abbey
  3. "Belisama (2e partie)" - Belisima
  4. "I Got What It Takes" - Brooks & Jerry
  5. "Lonely Son" - Vernon Wray
  6. "Turn On" - Don & The Goodtimers
  7. "Je Travaille Autant Qu'un Garçon" - Dani
  8. "You Fell Apart" - Ex Hex
  9. "Utirumavunga" - Sikumiut
  10. "Indiana Wants Me" - R. Dean Taylor
  11. "Nothing Is the Same" - Grand Funk Railroad
  12. "Saturday Night Blues" - Natural Child
  13. "Ska All Over The World" - Jimmy Cliff
  14. "Fall Away" - Sugluk
  15. "Thunk" - Diamond Rugs
  16. "If It's Over" - Bare Wires
  17. "My Hero, Zero" - The Lemonheads
  18. "Keep It Up" - Stephanie Schwartz and Nightfall

This will probably be my  last mix as DJ Rodney Stuckey for a few reasons. One, the guy is a starter on a playoffs team right now so it's a little less fun to use his name. Two, I like being able to name these mixes and put different artwork on each of them. Lastly, I was forced to use the longform mixes as a way to make them downloadable to you. I don't really have that problem anymore and while I still like putting these songs together as one long track, I understand that not everyone is going to enjoy every song the way I do. My tastes are varied, as I'd imagine are yours. And sometimes you just wanna listen to a goddamn Diamond Rugs song without having for scan through an hour of other stuff. I get it.

So yeah.

As always, I had all this ready to go about 7 weeks ago and I actually had the entire mix ready to go (completely chaptered by clips from a companion record to Disney's The Black Hole, which remains a weirdly compelling sci-fi movie 35 years later or whatever. If you've never seen it, check it out! I'm pretty sure I wrote about it on this site in another life.

sum of parts

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