Tuesday, July 05, 2011

3 facts about me today, 7/5/11

1. I am completely exhausted. Yesterday was long and fun and a little drunk but mostly it was damned hot. It was nice to see a parade, though. I haven't seen a 4th of July parade in what has to be a decade, and it was nice to find myself sitting in a friend's lawn and waving to other friends in the parade. Sure, we were probably the most obnoxious group of spectators there (my "show us the birth certificate" calls certainly didn't help anything), but it was still pleasant.

2. In less than 2 hours, I'm expected to go to softball practice, and it just dawned on my tyoday that I signed up for this forgetting that the only thing I dislike more than hot weather is having to exercise in it.

3. blah blah Casey Anthony blah Florida blah blah swamp people.

Usually, I'd have something interesting to post here but after waking up to find over 1500 new items to read in my Google Reader, I dumped ALL of them to save myself the trouble. Later tonight I'm planning on writing up a description of Carrie and I's visit to Forest Lawn cemetary over the weekend.

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