Sunday, March 27, 2011

Departure Style

1. intro
2. "The Bridge" - Jean Grae (prod by RJD2)
3. "The Love You Left Behind" - Syl Johnson
4. "Cease and Persist" - El Ten Eleven
5. "Tuesday" - Grass Widow
6. Don't Step on a Man When he's Down" - Don Covay
7. "When I Was a Flood" - Electric Owls
8. "Just Test" - Bayard Lancaster
9. "Luck's Run Out" - Little Fish
10. "I'd Rather Be Blind, Crippled, and Crazy" - O.V. Wright
11. "Mom and Dad" - Middle Brother
12. "Walk Away" - Rachel Goodrich
13. "Nuclear Ambition, pt. 2" - Man's Gin
14. "You're Not the Only One" - Black Pistol Fire
15. "Old Beirut" - Lynn Taitt & the Jets
16. "Fredericks" - Tom & Fredericks
17. "Piranhas Club" (live at SXSW) - Man Man
18. "Just Walkin' in the Rain" - The Prisonaires
19. "Dance the Night Away" - Colleen Green
20. "Reasons to Quit" - Phosphorescent



Chase said...

your link is all jacked up, you meant this:

Sarah said...

Hooray!! I was about to chuck my week old playlist into a puddle and stomp on it.

I'm excited for Departure Style! (Going into iphone now)

Sarah said...

Been listening to "Departure Style" all week. I wanna say that this is my favorite mix you've ever made but then I know you'll top it!

Loved the whole thing put together especially the Jean Grae, Electric Owls & Middle Brother tracks!