Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pic Dump 9/14

Spotted on 9/11/10 in Monrovia, CA.

Many more after the jump
Dale Bros. Brewery!

Still life with cat, owls.

Buddha in rear of Norton Simon museum, Pasadena, CA.

Not as many kicks to be had on Route 66 as there once were.

Shotty pic of Honus Honus from Man Man falling on stage.

Night time at FYF
Beer line
Titus Andronicus SLAYING it. My favorite show of the day.

I did not get to meet Mike Epps

I know what you're thinking: "MY fire protection service just doesn't ROCK enough"

Unhappy, losing Padres fans. The lady in the middle (above the flag, in the visor) got into a very loud confrontation with the drunk guys next to me. I happily remained out of it until she started attacking Philadelphia as a city, calling it filthy an classless. That's when my big mouth started working.

my thumb, the rest of our section at PetCo park. I'd say the overall makeup of the crowd was like 40% Phillies fans. Weird. 

Glad to see that people are still buying (or perhaps stealing) CDs

The fax machine across the street. I have literally had to wade through smut in order to fax out job applications. Class-ee.

That's all I got here. I never got any pictures of the Dodgers game we attended (or of my impromptu, terrifying lap around Dodger's stadium wearing a Phils hat). It's probably for the best.

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