Friday, October 30, 2009

Off to the library. Will act aloof to any comments about my appearance.

update. a guy circled me for 5 minutes, and then asked what happened to my mouth. I blew it and told him that it was a costume. Next time, I should look concerned, then taste my (fake, "mint-flavored) blood and smile at him.

I feel like the glasses help to make it look more authentic. I should also startle easily.

There's like a 70% chance I'm not going to get dressed up tomorrow. But I enjoy this.


Jonathan said...

God I love you.

Carrie said...

Really, he just fell down the stairs.

clickie said...

I had a friend who got into a nasty bike accident a few years back around Halloween. She tried to get her boyfriend to dress up in a wifebeater so they could go out as "abuser and beat-up girlfriend." He refused to play along.

lorna said...

i've been wanting to get a decent photo of you to put on my mantle for a long time now. i think i found it.