Wednesday, July 02, 2008

sorry I haven't updated this thing in so long. Not that I was planning regular updates, but having my computer stolen sort of made it tricky to check in often.
...and if you've learned anything from this blog, it's that without constant access to the internet, I'm pretty much useless.

there was a bunch of other crap stolen, too. Passport, credit cards, social security card, birth certificate... yeah. Pretty much anything one would need to steal my identity. Oh, and almost every picture I own.

So that happened.

Other than that, life continues despite my resistance. I'll try to post more, I promise, but I'm still dealing with a lot of stuff right now.

Have a great 4th, people. Celebrate with explosives and beer.
and punching out the first idiot you hear singing that stupid Lee Greenwood song.

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