Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm going to be home for a pretty short amount of time for the holidays, ending in what I'm almost certain will be my staying awake for a 36 hour period as get home. It's going to be strange to be home for the first time in ages without a place of my own or ready transportation. That's probably one of the reasons why I'm home for such a short period of time. But it'll be nice to root through the stockpile of books, CDs and discarded love letters that I spent most of high school and college building up in my mother's basement. I know that at some point (sooner than later) I'm just going to say fuck it and throw it all out, thereby completely erasing my formative years in the blink of a dusty afternoon. I'll stop and read things I completely forgot about and laugh at some of the dumb shit I've done, and then chuck it and forget about it a few weeksmonthsyears later. I guess I should make more of it now before that happens, right?

But chances are I'll start this process and then get stuck watching the entire Planet of the Apes series and chuck all that shit right back in the box. oh well.

16 year-old in Iceland prank calls Bush's private White House line. huh.

this guy had a beer-filled condom in his stomach. Ummm... WHAT?

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